Alerts CyberTax

Date CyberTax Attachments
01-17-2012 2012-01 Volunteer Standards of Professionalism Taxpayer Information and Responsibilities
02-10-2012 2012-02 AARP Foundation Tax-Aide 2012 season news and notes 4012 Changes
02-17-2012 2012-03 Our Volunteers Violated IRS Standards of Conduct QSRA 2012-04
02-22-2012 2012-04 Quality Site Alerts and Volunteer Tax Alerts- should be available at sites QSRA 2012-01
QSRA 2012-02
QSRA 2012-03
VTA 2012-01 Form 8949
03-06-2012 2012-05 Quality Site Requirements 2012-5- Identify Theft - Required at sites QSRA 2012-05 (corrected version from 2012-06)
03-09-2012 2012-06 Volunteer Tax Alerts- Required at sites QSRA 2012-05 (corrected version)
VTA 2012-02
VTA 2012-03
VTA 2012-04

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