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Quality Site Requirement Alerts

Date Number Subject
02-15-2012 QSRA 2012-01 We are out and about
02-13-2012 QSRA 2012-02 QSR #05 Volunteer Agreement
02-15-2012 QSRA 2012-03 QSR #10 - Security, Privacy and Confidentiality: Follow all guidelines discussed in Publication 4299, Privacy, Confidentiality, and Standards of Conduct – A Public Trust
02-15-2012 QSRA 2012-04 Volunteer Standards of Conduct #04 - I will not knowingly prepare false returns
03-05-2012 QSRA 2012-05 QSR#10: Security Privacy and Confidentiality (corrected 03-06-2012)


Volunteer Tax Alerts

Date Number Subject
02-14-2012 VTA 2012-01 Form 8949, Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets Capital Gains and Losses
03-06-2012 VTA 2012-02 Educator Expenses
03-07-2012 VTA 2012-03 How to Report Self-Employment Income
03-08-2012 VTA 2012-04 Form 8880- Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings Contributions


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For IRS Quality Site Requirement Alerts (QSRAs) and Volunteer Tax Alerts (VTAs), please see the IRS page Quality and Tax Alerts for IRS Volunteer Programs.