Application of your Tax Law knowledge to the preparation of example returns

These problems are loosely based on the TY2010 4491-W Scenarios, but have been modified and extended to test your proficiency in preparing a complete return - including the New Jersey return. (Use the Scenario write-up given here, NOT the write-up in the TY2010 4491-W book from the IRS.) You also must use the TY2010 version of TaxWise/Training, NOT the TY2011 version.

Problem Scenario Changed Refund Monitor Changed Notes
Moore click 11-16-2011 click 11-16-2011  
Baylor click 11-17-2011 click 11-16-2011  
Fleming click 11-22-2011 click 12-08-2011 Changed handling of Butler PP
Sterling click 11-16-2011 click 11-18-2011  

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