Tax Law

An introduction to preparing returns with TaxWise Online (TY2010)
See the TY2010 Forms and Pubs page for Training documents and the Preparer Page for preparer resources..
See also the Kent Scenario and associated Kent Refund Monitor (printable version)

Go through the steps below in order (Print this page and use it as a checklist of steps you have completed.)
Each step in the checklist below contains a link to the detail page for that step.

Tax Law Checklist
Stage Step Notes / Comments
  Introduction to Tax Law  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 1: Getting Started
  Lesson 1: Course Introduction  
  Lesson 2: Screening and Interviewing  
  Lesson 3: Filing Basics  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 2: Determining Filing Status and Exemptions
  Lesson 4: Filing Status  
  Lesson 5: Personal Exemptions  
  Lesson 6: Dependency Exemptions  
  Lesson 7: Unique Filing Status and Exemption Situations  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 3: Determining Taxable Income
  Lesson 8: Income — Wages, Interest, etc., Form 1040, Lines 7–11  
  Lesson 9: Income — Business; Form 1040, Line 12  
  Lesson 10: Income — Capital Gain or Loss; Form 1040, Line 13  
  Lesson 11: Income — Retirement Income; Form 1040, Lines 15–16  
  Lesson 12: Income — Rental and Schedule K-1s  
  Lesson 13: Income — Unemployment Compensation; Form 1040, Line 19  
  Lesson 14: Income — Social Security Benefits; Form 1040, Line 20a  
  Lesson 15: Income — Other Income; Form 1040, Lines 21–22  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 4: Determining Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
  Lesson 17: Adjustments to Income  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 5: Computing the Tax and Credits
  Lesson 19: Standard Deduction and Tax Computation  
  Lesson 20: Itemized Deductions  
  Lesson 23: Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expenses  
  Lesson 24: Education Credits  
  Lesson 25: Foreign Tax Credit  
  Lesson 26: Child Tax Credit  
  Lesson 27: Miscellaneous Credits  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 6: Computing Other Taxes and Total Tax
  Lesson 28: Other Taxes  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 7: Applying Refundable Credits and Computing Payments/Refund
  Lesson 29: Payments  
  Lesson 30: Earned Income Credit (EIC)  
  Lesson 31: Refund and Amount of Tax Owed  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 8: Completing and Filing the Return
  Lesson 32: Quality Review of Tax Return  
  Lesson 33: Concluding the Interview  
IRS Pub 4491 Part 9: Amending and Filing Returns
  Lesson 35: Amended and Prior Year Returns  
New Jersey
  Federal vs New Jersey Issues  
  Property Tax Relief Programs  
  Property Tax Reimbursement  
  Lesson 36: Cancellation of Debt (COD)  
  Lesson 37: Health Savings Accounts (HSA)  


The official IRS Certification Test for TY2010 is no longer available online. We will provide a substitute version soon.